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eSynergetics provides businesses with an automated A.I-based system that increases the amount of digital documents, while minimizing the flow of physical documents. With our self-developed system based on modern robotics Contact information is collected and a dialogue between suppliers is automatically carried out. The fully automated system minimizes the need for physical handling while minimizing costs.

Connect customers with suppliers.

Transforms physical documents to e-Invoice formats.

Optimizes and automizes document workflow and handling

+86% digital transformation within 6 months

Cutting edge A.I technology


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Our solution is a fully automated Onboarding service integrated with your ERP that we call eBridge. The integration enables us to continuously collect data concerning the type of documents sent to the business. Unsupported formats are detected and a message is automatcally sent to the supplier concerning details about the desired e-format.


Transforming physical work to digital work


Paper work. No more.

Tired of paperwork? So are we.

Our cutting edge A.I invoicing solution accelerates invoice handling, lowers processing costs and drives business.

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Revolutionary AI-technology



eBridge Components



Ecofact is our delivery portal and converter for E-Invoices where users can upload invoices for automatic conversion to UBL/XML messages.


Supplier activation enables suppliers to flexibly send automated digital invoices in the desired e-format.

Supply Chain Finance

We offer Financial flexibility in the invoicing-process to enhance your liquidity - simple, efficient and smart.


FIND.Sy is our cutting edge A.I-robot which is based on a detailed workprocess to achieve high on-boarding results.


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