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Onboarding automatically digitalizes and enhances business transactions and invoice workflow with the latest in AI technology
- connecting your business to the future.

We automate, digitalize and optimize financial flows.

Our objective is to aid businesses and organizations to digitalize and automate business transactions that create immediate customer benefits in terms of increased profitability and cash flow with the help of A.I and Cloud-services

We deliver a digital penetration of 90-100%. We will take you to a new level in digitalization!

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Who no longer use paper

These companies give thanks to A.I Onboarding

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  • Accounting manager, Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo - Akershus

    We had a great experience with eSynergetics throughout the whole project. Together we managed to substantially increase our usage of e-documents. Today we enjoy a 85%+ e-usage, which is amazing for us.

    Irene Cecilie Lorentzen

  • Head controller - Broadnet AS

    With the assistance of eSynergetics we reached spectacular supplier e-invoicing levels where majority of our suppliers whitin a short period of time started to send us e-invoices instead of text based ones. In addition we received great support after the project closure with variousneeds and support. On behalf of our suppliers we haven`t had any complaints - or any signals of dissatisfaction during and after the project. Our experience with eSynergetics is nothing but positive and we walk away completely satisfied with the whole experience.

    David Lyngstad

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Receive all your supplier messages digitally
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