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1How does eSyn Cloud work?
eSyn Cloud is eSyns invoice processing platform. The system utilizes modern AI-driven technology, allowing for interpretation and conversion of PDF invoices into digital PEPPOL-formatted invoices.
2How can I register?
Register by clicking on Sign up in the upper-right corner on the website. Next, fill in the following information:

1. Email address that you send invoices from
2. Password of you choice
3. Company registration number

Confirm your account through the verification email that will be sent to you, and then log in to copy your customer’s new invoicing address.
3Where do I find the customer’s new invoicing address?
The new invoicing address is located under the tab “Invoice - create invoice”.
4Where do I find the customer’s invoice specifications?
You will find the customer’s invoice specifications by clicking on the tab “Customers”, followed by the “info” button.
5What happens to the PDF invoice in the conversion process?
PDF invoices are always included in the electronic version, in order to provide your customer with access in case the need arises.
6How are accompanying attachments processed in the conversion process?
All supporting attachments alongside the PDF invoice are also included in the electronic version. However, please note that such attachments must be integrated into the invoice file itself, since eSyn Cloud solely scans one attachment per sent email.
7Where do I find the invoice status?
Click on the tab “invoice” - “all invoices” and find your invoice in the invoice list.

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