About us

eSynergetics - We connect

We are an innovative fintech Company that delivers B2B solutions to companies looking to digitalize, enhance and streamline their communication. We have developed a digital ecosystem that efficiently connects customer and supplier digitally - cutting out all other middlemen.

Accelerating the digital penetration in business transactions

eSynergetics is rapidly growing and we are primarily based in Scandinavia with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. Our mission is to deliver a digital penetration which increases the quality of data, distinctly lower costs and a low ecological footprint.

By automating communication workflow and translating physical invoices to digital e-invoices we connect businesses with cutting edge A.I technology to minimize costs, handling and cutting out the middlemen.

By utilizing the cutting edge technology within our eBridge service, companies can expect up to a 86% autmoated digital penetration within a 6 month period.


Digital Penetration

Actual hitrate is 86% digital penetration that can be achieved after just 6-months usage. Our aim is 100%.